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Which anime fanart would you like to see from me? 

26 deviants said Attack on Titan
15 deviants said Free
13 deviants said Cowboy Bebop
10 deviants said Fairy Tail
10 deviants said D Gray Man
7 deviants said Death Note
5 deviants said Space Dandy
5 deviants said Yugioh





Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Jessica, and I've actually been a member of deviantART since 2008
(It just doesn't say so because I changed accounts at one point).

So anyway, I'm just a typical webcomic artist with a bunch of stories up my sleeve just waiting to be turned into manga!
I'm also a painter on the side. I typically use oils, but lately I've been getting into watercolors for manga illustrations specifically.

My power source is drinking an over abundance of coffee and listening to the
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
:heart: :iconcoffeeplz: :iconrhcpplz: :heart:

I'm currently working on my own manga.
Love Metal logo by HeartandVoice
You can read it here…

I'm also working with a writer on another webomic, which you can read here-

So stick around and see what happens!…
I only upload my paintings/general artwork on my facebook page now, no manga art.

I've been going to this convention for about....6 or 7 years, and I experienced so many different things this year.  Not only did I have my own table in the artist alley, but I cosplayed for the first time too!! I never realized how much fun I've missed out on all these years!

Here's a pic of my table setup, isn't it pretty?

I definitely didn't sell as much as I wanted to.  I was feeling down about it at first, but it's my first artist alley table so it's to be expected. I did however, make back half of what I spent on preparing for the con, so that's kind of cool!
These were the prints that sold the most-
The Pharaoh by HeartandVoice
Rin Okumura by HeartandVoiceSpike Spiegel by HeartandVoiceGray Chibi by HeartandVoiceLucy Chibi by HeartandVoiceErza Chibi by HeartandVoiceNatsu Chibi by HeartandVoice
How to Train Your Dragneel by HeartandVoiceThis one didn't get many sales, but a lot of people saw it and thought it was a cute crossover haha, so that was pretty fun! xD

It was weird though, my Yami Yugi print was the most popular! Apparently I was the only one in the whole convention selling Yugioh art! Seriously??
I even made one girl cry tears of joy because she loved Yugioh so much as a kid, it was sooo funny.  I almost teared up a little myself haha. (Note to self--more Yugioh art, and more chibis)
A lot of people wanted to see more Fairy Tail characters too.  So I'm hoping by next year I'll have nearly the whole guild drawn (at least in the chibis if not in regular prints)
OOH on the last day, people actually bought my original character prints!!!! I was so happy!!!!
One girl bought this Dante print Dante bookmark by HeartandVoice and asked me to sign it on his arm xDDD it really made my day!

:iconjiko29: the writer for The World Next Door  was kind enough to print out chapter 1 for me to sell at my table! It definitely got some decent attention.  I wasn't able to sell all of them unfortunately, but I managed to sell a few because there were some people that were actually going around the artist alley looking specifically for independent comics (which is what I do every year) so that was pretty awesome!

Oh, did I mention I got to meet the amazing :iconogawaburukku:
She was there as a guest artist and was so much fun to talk to! I wasn't able to make it to all of her panels, but I did go to her 3 hour workshop on being a pro mangaka.  I really enjoyed it, I learned so much!  She had some great tips and exercises on character development and had great advice on storytelling and just...well everything!  She also brought pro manga tools like ink dip pens and traditional screentones!!!
We all got to create this silly character and make a one page manga with him as the main character, but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to finish them.   I just finished mine last night!
 Conner the AnimeCon Fairy by HeartandVoice
There was so much left over and she told us to take it all since the con paid for it so.....I have all this screentone now haha! 
One of the things she talked about in the workshop was drawing a manga without dialogue and still being able to portray the story clearly to the viewer, and that inspired me.  There's this assignment I had in my script writing class to write a script with nothing but stage directions, and I think I'm going to make a 5 to 10 page manga of it. I'll also use traditional tones in it as well since I have the tools for them now!
So, look forward to that in the near future!!
Anyways, thank you so much OgawaBurukku for being so awesome and putting up with me haha I hope to see you here next year!

Now for the cosplaying part of things.  That was much fun you don't even know (or actually you might know haha)
I was cosplaying as a genderbended Gray Fullbuster from FairyTail. It was so fun because that button up shirt was so easy to take off, so whenever people were talking about my cosplay or wanting a picture, I would just throw it off when they had their heads turned and they'd be like "Oh-holy crap! You're shirts gone! What!" (Don't worry. I was wearing a black crop top underneath haha)
The best part was the fairytail photo shoot on the last day.  I met some pretty awesome people there!
There was another guy, Matt, who cosplayed as Gray, and he made some pretty badass ice-swords and even let me borrow one of them for photos.  He took a lot of the pictures at the photoshoot, so you can probably find them here--> Matthew A Axelson Facebookpage

Here are some of my favorite photos!
I'm on the left as Female Gray, and that's my roommate on the right as female Natsu! She worked so hard on making that costume! Unlike me, since Gray pretty much wears regular clothes, it was pretty easy. Although the cheap ass chain wallet I bought for it was a pain, it was impossible to open!(I actually cut myself a couple times trying to open it...)

This is definitely one of my favorites! That's Matt on the left.  Aren't his swords badass?!
I'll have to make some ice-make weapons of my own next year!

Oh this is a good one, I didn't cosplay that day but you can at least see me sitting at my table in the back xDD
They got a couple people to buy my prints too, it was awesome!

After the photoshoot, a lot of them came buy my table and chatted for a while! xD I loved talking to them, so I hope I get to see them again sometime!  They actually made an Oklahoma Fairytail group on Facebook, and we've all been chatting on there non stop! We might end up doing "Oklahoma FairyTail guild" events where we all get together in cosplay and do crazy shit! XD I really hope that becomes a thing! A lot of them were over 21, so i think it'd be awesome if we all went to a bar together or something haha we would all probably get kicked out xD

Now it's time to feature the awesome artists that I had the great pleasure of meeting at TnT!
Here they are!

and for those without DA accounts, I have included their websites below-
Matthew A Axelson Facebookpage
Amelia M.
Shoua Yang
Oxygen Impulse Studios
Infinite Joy Cosplay facebookpage
Godless Comic
Machine Crisis

Let us not forget my wonderful table neighbors
You guys were more than awesome to be around! Thank you so much for being awesome and putting up with our constant loudness haha.

Ah--I almost forgot.
For Love Metal, I will not be posting a new page tomorrow (obviously) I thought I would have time to work on the page this weekend, but I was so wiped out each night that it just wasn't going to happen.  I will definitely work on it this week though, along with the newest page for The World Next Door! So look forward to that! I just hope I can get back in the groove of things xD I was doing so well after I started it, then I had to change everything once I found out I needed to prepare for this table!! Summer is almost over too and i'll need to work around my classes this fall ^^; Sooo, maybe I'll take a couple weeks off to make a new buffer (pre-drawn pages) so that I don't literally die when school starts haha.

Alright well, this was definitely a great experience for me and I hopefully got my stuff out there a little.
I will definitely be doing this again! You can count on it!

One last thing to all of my watchers-





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